social changes

Throw away money, We can have a better life!

I was thinking a lot about why people are so particular about money. I learned in my schools, only because the barter system of exchange was bulky money was introduced for convenience.

But later, it has proved that invention of money distroyed the necessity of it! Now the world is behind money, only for the sake of making money.

I was observing employed young people around me, including me. We bargains and gets more salary from our employers; except buying a home or some thing like that what useful activity we are doing with it? We lock it some where, you call it insurance, mutual fund, share market, etc; replicate it and again repeat the same.

Instead of this, why can’t the state (which is a collection of us) provide some open ended schemes? If I am having money and do not able to do anything with it; I will give it to the state. If I am ill or not in a position to exist my self, let the state help me.

Instead of spoiling our heads with the permutation combinations of the money multipications, let us think what and all can be done in our surronudings to make it a better place — plant some useful vegitables in road side, make some pickle or some house hold items, organize poor people around us, spend ourself (includinng money) on them and help them to build a better life. This may be a better insurance for our family, since the investment in people will return more than the investment in an insurance company, believe me!

So I think, time has ripened enough to re-look at relevance of money in civic society; the needs should drive us than the profitability.

Thanks for spending time with me. Some times it may be an empty talk; but it worth more than money, is n’t it?

Peace to all (Om Shanthi OR Assalamum Alaikkum)!